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This work-around is not for the faint of heart and currently has some limitations: -It appears that wireless synching is not allowed -Multiple hacks are required to synchronize, including a registry hack.

-Make sure Mediamonkey is CLOSED -Make sure your Zune is DISCONNECTED from the computer -You may want to remove the music already on your Zune before synchronizing with Mediamonkey.

Change the "Desired Service Prover" entry to "Generic WPD" and Apply.

Open the device configuration options for the Zune, and configure what files you would like to be synced.

Plugging and unplugging the device rarely fixes the problem.

Connect one end of the USB 2.0 data cable to your Zune.Connect your Zune and open the Zune software (it will usually open automatically.) Navigate to your "Videos" tab.Navigate to the Processes tab and end the process 'Zune.exe' before it has completed being copied to the Zune.The last firmware version known to work with this method is version 2.5.Alternatively, you could use Windows Media Player to sync these files using the z Alternator hack in much the same way used in Mediamonkey.

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