Xbmc updating to eden

So if you’re looking for something to teach you how to use XBMC, you’re still in the right place.Kodi, which used to be called XBMC, is an open source media center which grew from a amateur project to play content on the original Xbox.To make writing this Kodi setup guide easier, it was written using screenshots from my Windows 10 PC.Snag It and Photoshop are much easier to use on a PC, sorry.While the Wiki gives a great overview, it sometimes doesn’t go into enough detail to get the job done. If you’re starting from scratch, you can read this guide from start to finish and end up with a complete installation. Keep in mind, though, that no matter what Kodi setup guide you read, you’re always going to have to tweak it a bit to your own needs.My biggest complaint about the Kodi community is that they expect users to be able to get by with little to no hand-holding. Or, you can use the hyperlinks below to jump to the sections you want, and ignore the rest. Kodi works on lots of different hardware, and has so many options and settings to change, that there’s just no way to account for all of them.

Since Android can run on both ARM and Intel processors, there is a different version of Kodi for each CPU architecture.

Since Kodi is available in the Google Play Store now, you probably won’t have to sideload it on any Android device you have.

If you find that extremely rare TV box that can’t get to the Google Play Store, I have an older video showing how to sideload XBMC 13 Gotham on an Android stick PC.

But don’t worry, the interface is almost identical from system to system, so if you’re familiar with Kodi on Windows, you’ll be able to use the Android or Linux versions just fine.

I’ve only covered (for now) information that is available in the stock version of Kodi.

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