Xbmc library not updating movies the new rules of dating tv show

XBMC has a Library Mode with options for viewing this extra data and a File View which will show you folders even if they were not properly picked up by the scraper.In File View, we’re not able to enjoy any of that great database info.Put thumbnails (up to 182x256px jpg’s or png’s) in folders to be displayed when navigating in library mode toward your movie.First delete the default thumbnail from User Data\Thumbnails\ .When I was trying to figure out how to make XBMC work, I spent hours figuring out what I hope to show you in the next few minutes.One basic skill you will need is the ability to navigate around XBMC and it won’t be easy at first.If you’re stuck with only a keyboard, then allow me to recommend that you print out their guide to keyboard and mouse commands.Before long you’ll throw the sheet away, but it will save you great frustration if you have this on hand during the configuration process. You will be in the root menu of the default skin, PM. Whichever option from this menu one chooses, another menu will open up and so on through the menu tree.

File View works basically like browsing through movies with Explorer except you can play a movie file in XBMC when you open it.

And you can browse your video content by things like Genre, Title, Year, Actors and Directors.

Be sure to set the library options to your taste before using the right area to enter your library of movies.

When setting the content types, the movie folders should be ‘Movies’, the TV Shows folder set to ‘TV’, and the music videos folder set to ‘Music Videos’.

I set my internet videos folder to ‘None’ which leaves it out of the library (no wasted time attempting to scrape data).

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