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The main character (Catherine) is a French student who grew up in Normandy and studied European history as an undergraduate.

As a teenager, she had read that French-speaking Canadians were the first permanent settlers in northwestern Oregon in the early ninete...

He dreams of his brother and friend and begs them to come back and play with him.

As he struggles throughout the book to understand what is happening, he will cry and s... Be doers of the word, and let love lead you through your life.

(Jn -26) Meet “Kernel”, the Grain of Wheat, who loves telling his own ...

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It ranges from 10001 for New Yorkers, to 90210 for those in Beverly Hills.

From David to Jehoshaphat to music in the early church,... You can read the words, wonder about why certain stories and exerts are placed in one spot or another, and then close the book; and suddenly it all becomes clear.

These are the Lord's words transformed by a man whom the Lord has called to make certain words, ideas, and instructions clear to us all. All of us have experiences in life like the ones recorded in the Bible. People have tried to disprove it and have found it to be true.

Told through a journal of her lessons from a group of misfits society normally turns a blind eye to, J... This hobby started in 1962 when he bought his first camera, a Canon F-1, in Japan while in the US Air Force. This book deals, mainly, with living, the best possible way. There are ten (plus bonus) statements that act as triggers and provide an alternative to address a situation from a different perspective. follows the life of a duck named Rex as he tries to understand where his playmates are and why they left him.

Provided problems don't magically disappear, neutralizing them is the only solution. Rex loves to swim and always goes to sleep when he swims.

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    And from what my single friends have told me, this experience of being overlooked (even by a restless child) is indicative of the single experience in the church.

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    Instead, we are finding a large intermixing population of coyotes across the continent, with a smattering of noncoyote DNA mixed in to varying degrees along the eastern edge. A dark eastern coyote is caught on camera trap as it hunts with his better-camouflaged pack mate in North Carolina.

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