Women lawyers dating internet dating dos and donts

We were able to get a few lawyers to discuss law firm dating in general terms, however.The consensus seems to be that the occurrence, and the fallout, vary greatly.Rotman Initiative for Women in Business participants or Rotman MBA / EMBA alumni are eligible for a discount equivalent to 10% of the Program Fee.Please review the full version of our APPLICATION POLICIES for cancellation information.If the tuition fee is paid for by the employer, it is the employer’s responsibility to determine whether or not the fees paid on behalf of the individual is a taxable benefit and should be included on his/her T4 slip.If an employer has not sanctioned that the Program is being taken for employment reasons, any discounts are taxable benefits to the individual participant and should be included on the individual’s tax return.Payment in full is required upon acceptance to the Program.The Program fee is due 30 days after receipt of invoice or 30 days before the start of the program, whichever is first. Applicants will be redirected to a secure online payment website after completion of the application form.

“It’s a male-dominated industry, and the management of a law firm tends to be even more male-dominated,” Horowitz said.

Members of a firm’s management committee may lack the time to deal with sticky personnel issues because they’re busy with their law practices, he said.

Surreptitious Relationships Even if a firm has a policy governing office dating, “it’s also a difficult thing to create and enforce in law firms,” Brandt said.

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