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The band released its third studio album, Then: Oh, Lonely Boy, where do we begin?From invisible outsider to the boyfriend of Serena, the most beautiful and sought-after socialite in New York, Dan Humphrey is at least partly responsible for making Brooklyn the new Manhattan, right?I was certainly fearful of taking on a role that Mr. You have to forget everything you know about this guy. But what I'm trying to create is only the audience sees the sad side of Riggs. Was it interesting to play someone you actually want to root for after playing 's Teddy? I saw Teddy as the poor guy who never had a chance. I've been that guy, and I've caught a lot of flak for it.Gibson certainly did not leave very much meat on the bone for another actor. It wasn't something I wanted to take on and I kind of had to run from it. I just couldn't match what [movie writer] Shane Black did and match Gibson and Glover. I said comedy because, like all great comedians, Riggs is the kind of guy who is so broken and so sad that everything he does is a façade and a show. Everyone in his world only sees this crazy goofball. His mom ran off and his dad didn't know how to communicate … I saw Teddy as this poor guy who always just needed a hug. I think I've been labeled "actor for hire."But I just wanted to feed my soul and the only way to scratch that itch is just act, act, act. My family's always said if you want to run a business, you have to truly start from the ground up.And I certainly don't understand why they wanted me to do it. Mel Gibson could care less about who I am or what we're doing, but I hope I make him proud. They are trying to pay as much homage to the original as possible.If he could watch this and say right on, that would be the ultimate goal.

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Today, he continues to work in film - his most noted roles being in the underrated Then: As Blair's much put-upon maid/personal assistant/confidant/surrogate mother, Dorota dealt with the wrath of Waldorf often.

Premiering September 21, Crawford plays Martin Riggs, the reckless and brilliant cop with an actual death wish who was made famous by Mel Gibson in the 1987 action movie. He was late for his phone interview with because he was talking to his grandfather. I just saw [Riggs] more from the military side, which is why I wanted to do the mustache. In another, you're sobbing in a trailer by yourself.

"The VA just gave him new hearing aids," he apologized. I've lived my life for 20 years and no one has a clue who I am. My family didn't care because I was doing stuff they didn't want to watch like . And the hair just kind of happened with where I was at that time, and when I read the material, it just seemed to fit. How do you stay in character for all of these different scenes?

Her character went on "indefinite hiatus" during the show's fourth season (as noted above), but did return for the grand finale.

She continues to front The Pretty Reckless and enjoy copious amounts of black eyeliner.

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