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This episode then ends with a cliffhanger, and was resumed on the episode after i Party with Victorious, which is i Lost My Mind. Gibby: [Referring to the lock-in] Yeah it's fun, unless you happen to fall asleep and [shouts] Sam draws something on your forehead! Freddie nearly finishes his speech about taking a risk with love, but Sam cuts him off by unexpectedly kissing him on the lips for 11 seconds. Embarrassed, she apologizes for it, to which Freddie can only reply with: "S' cool." As the previously mentioned actions take place, Carly observes them through a nearby window, with a shocked expression on her face. Freddie: [Firmly] You have been nice and helpful and considerate all day - what's your game? [Freddie stares] Why don't we get on with the project...

It was Nickelodeon's top telecast for kids of 2011, beating the Kids' Choice Awards, and basic cable's second top kids telecast, only behind Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension and its 7.642 million viewers. [Gibby holds up a ball of tuna fish salad] Carly: Now look down. She has a very tenuous relationship with her mom, who was The Ghost until finally introduced in Season 4, played by none other than Jane Lynch.The cameraman and general tech-support guy for i Carly, as well as Carly's other best friend.Shay is explicitly in the armed forces, but that's all that's been said).He is a sculptor of some sort, but easily out-wacky-hijinxes the younger characters despite his more-advanced age.

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