Who is jessie james sister dating steve new gloucester dating

"After contracting all night long we came in and I had to have an emergency c-section. "Welcome to the world Brooklyn Rae Bass," the baseball pitcher wrote. "It's so scary not knowing what could happen or not having control of your body or being able to protect ur baby. The first time I was given steroid shots to mature my sweet girls lungs," she wrote."The second time (now) I was given a magnesium drip to calm my uterus and help with her development.

A few days later I became intrigued and decided to Google him and liked what I saw.

I thought he was so handsome and followed him on twitter.

We flirted back and fourth on social media, exchanged phone numbers and started talking and getting to know one another.

I said, “yes,” and he placed it on my finger and we hugged and cried and laughed.

It was very emotional and special and now as I reflect on it, I love him even more.

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