Who is dina lohan dating

Lindsay’s multiple relations vouch for her lack of stability and so a commitment like marriage can’t be really expected from her.However, it isn’t really all her fault, the fault is perhaps is in her stars and that’s why she cannot get hold of a single companion- life long partner.She was a wild child doing justice to her red mane and had been reported for doing drugs.She had to go through trials and was sent off to rehabilitation centre, so that she can be cured off her bad habits and addictions.Find more pictures, videos and articles about Dina Lohan here.Most recent Lindsay Lohan boyfriend was Dennis Papageorgiou, but they broke up.You can see that revelation and who her celeb crush is (below).Ch-ch-check it out on Sunday, March 29 at 10pm ET/PT on Bravo!

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"I am so relieved and thankful that Lindsay is getting the help she needs in a credible place," Dina Lohan said (via E! "She actually wanted to go, whether the court said to or not.In spite of having so many men and women in her life, Lindsay is presently single and ready to mingle, perhaps, depending on her nature.Some people do have a long list exes but if you glance upon Lindsay’s list, you will come to understand what long is!In fact, the actress' mom says “when and if” she does write up her life, it will be “all positive.” Apparently "all positive" still includes chronicling her daughter's drug and alcohol abuse.The folks at TMZ got their hands on a copy of the...

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