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In his teens, he attended Laguna Beach High School situated in Laguna Beach, California.Similarly, he attended San Francisco State University in order to pursue his career in acting.This music video helped him a lot to establish himself in the industry as an actor.In January 2007, it was announced Colletti to be finalized with the major recurring role in One Tree Hill, a The CW teen drama television series.Later that year, Stephen started seeing Kristin Cavallari.Stephen’s and Kristin’s relationship was probably the longest he has ever had as it was terminated in 2004.

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However, having stayed together for months, Stephen and Lauren broke up.

Despite his involvement in many romantic relationships, Stephen is currently single.

Surprisingly, none of Stephen’s relationships has ever lasted more than three years.

The California-born actor is the youngest of his siblings who are named Lauren, his sister, and John, his brother.

Stephen’s high school education was completed at Laguria Beach High School.

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