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Be an advocate for the diocese in your parish and Archdeaconry. Be a leader, a good example of godly values & character to the church & the world.Be a uniter not a divider, a peace-maker, not a trouble-maker. Knights are NOT automatic members of the vestry/PCC unless personally elected. No caps on for men during the service - only during the processional & recessional (and during your investiture rite). The President of the Diocesan Council of Knights, the Regional chapter chairmen, and the parish leaders are appointed by me. For Regional and Parish leaders the initial term is 2 years.If that were the case half of your congregants will be knighted.It is a call to SERVE the Bishop of the Diocese which you are.You can send a representative to Vestry as a non- voting member. You are responsible to me and subject to my discipline, support, and prayers. The Regional association can elect Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Secretary.Please do not engage in character "assassination" of others within our communities. My reason for appointing leaders is to avoid and arrest our ethnic proclivity to interpersonal conflict which hinders our ministry and mission due to election mania and power mongering.

The true essence of knighthood is not so much of what you think, it is what others see in you through your ways life and conduct, the good impact you make in people’s lives, your family, community and your diocese/church. Remember the old saying; “The hood does not make a monk” it is the SPIRITUAL IIMPACT the individual knight makes in his immediate and remote environment that actually makes him/her a Knight.

It is wrong to ask the Bishop to go contrary to Anglican tradition in my decisions.

And it is unthinkable to publicly oppose the Bishop and to malign him. I'm working with more information and complexity that you do not know and that I cannot in many cases disclose to you.

Knighthood is NOT about position and power, it's about humble service.

If being in a position of power is what you want you need to resign from the Knighthood. Help me uphold commitment to Scripture, discipline, Anglican tradition and discipline in our churches.

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