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has lit a fire under Joy Behar, but there was a relatively radical moment on today's show that saw Joy being more forceful and political than I've heard her before.

Holmes: Most states have already protected abortion. I shouldn't be surprised at her dismissive yet incorrect notion about abortion being safe in the states, what with the amount of time I've spent over the years debunking Amy Holmes' IWF legacy of using the media to advance anti-woman misrepresentations and inaccuracies. Later on November 8, Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District incumbent Rep. Holmes identified guest Jenny Backus as a "Democratic strategist" but introduced fellow guest Amy Holmes only as a "political analyst," ignoring her Republican ties. The Media Matters survey examined the policy positions of 27 Democratic House candidates, who as of November 8 had won previously held Republican seats.And that is going to really hurt him because he said he was for it. The Hyde Amendment Holmes: You know, you can't ask, necessarily, evangelicals to use their taxpayer dollars to have another woman have an abortion. O' Donnell: Or NARAL, the National Abortion Rights League, NARAL. Barbara Walters: Yes, but even if you give, if you change the law it won't matter if you give to Planned Parenthood.And even pro-choicers are sort of -- Behar: I don't want to pay taxes to fund the war, but I pay it, so what's the difference? Holmes: The difference is we're talking about our national security not a private decision -- Behar: National security? Since this war -- let's not start with the war -- but since this war, since this war is illegal in my view, then I am paying for an illegal war -- Rosie O'Donnell: In the world view -- Behar: if a girl in the middle of nowhere wants an abortion because her brother raped her, I'll pay for that. I mean, it might help but it's not going to change the law.

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