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After a few minutes the hunters gave up and went home, most of them dogless. One simply left something with the scent of the kennel on it — a cushion or, more likely, a scrap of sacking. We let the three hounds out, and they loped off, baying with excitement. ‘They’ll be gone for days.’ He didn’t hunt, and regarded hunters and their dogs as intruders who had no right to be anywhere near his precious vines.We were joined a little later for lunch by three abandoned hounds who came down to drink the swimming pool. On the subject of vines, he told us, it was time that we picked the table grapes from ours.

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Today, he tells of the perils of encountering a heavily armed local hunting party...They must have used up their ration of shells during the early morning fusillade.Just before noon, camouflage-clad figures started to make their way to the vans parked at the side of the road. The rest were whistling and shouting for theirs to return with increasing irritation. The shouts became more bad-tempered, degenerating into bellows and curses. If they don’t find their dogs, they’ll leave a cushion.’ It always worked, so Faustin said.The heat was fierce, coming up from the ground as well as beating down on the necks and shoulders.No shade, no breeze, no relief in the course of a ten-hour day except the break for lunch.

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