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Note for Share Point 2010 users: You cannot put this code in the CEWP directly because of a “bug” in how the CEWP content is handled when editing the page.

It basically incorporates the HTML generated by the script and thus corrupts the CEWP code.

Note: If your pages will have more than a few thousand hits, you most likely would want to hide the “hitcount” from the users.

This has to do with the fact that rendering the number of hits in the browser requires the data to be pulled down to the client for counting.

field To Return: The Field Internal Name of the field to return the value from.

I have a calender that holds our “On-Call” information.

I have added a custom column to the calender that holds a text value(the name of the on call person). Note to Share Point 2010 users: Add this code to a text file and put it in a document library, then use the content link option on the CEWP to link to this code.

The list should have these fields: Step 2: Download the code for the file “Hit Counter And Star Rating For Share Point.js” and the images from here, and from here Put them in a document library where all users have read permission.

If you are using Share Point Designer you could put the files in a folder on the site collection root for safe storage.

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