Updating steam checking for available update

auto-updating is to run Steam in offline mode - which will prevent you from playing Steam games online.

It is not possible to prevent Steam client updates from being downloaded while the client is in 'Offline' mode.

After another reboot, everything started working fine. I manually tried downloading the files from media.with wget and it worked from there.

After another reboot, everything started working fine. Just making sure so that if someone else visits this page wanting to know how to fix this then they will know what to do On , "Gonzalo Ávila Alterach" noti[email protected]: Exactly.

I have right-clicked the game that updates and unticked the automatic updating.

Why is Steam downloading huge-ass updates even when I have told it not to?

same for me as @gaetjen , it fixed itself when i was reading this thread :) though i have unbound cache and dnscrypt but as it started to work by itself i guess that if this is nw related it was something on steam's end.There is a per-game setting which allows you to disable updates for individual games, which is accessible by right clicking on a game in your library, and selecting properties and choosing "Do not automatically update this game": It is worth noting that if you're playing a game on Steam, all Steam downloads are automatically paused unless you select the download option "Allow Downloads During Gameplay" (which is available through the Steam menu Downloads category, at the bottom), so you shouldn't experience Steam downloading files while playing Steam games.Note that this setting will not prevent Steam from downloading updates when you're playing a non-Steam game.I had the same problem with Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon.It resolved itself after being stuck at 0KB for 10 to 15 minutes or so, while I was researching a possible fix.

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