Updating public folder takes 90 cpu

After you make the fixes above, keep in mind that Outlook Instant Search can be configured to search your folders by default; so if you do transition to multiple Processed Mail folders, you will probably want to make that search setting.

See the end of chapter 5 in my Outlook book for a discussion of how to make settings like that.

Or, if available, start using the new Personal Archives feature that some companies are slowly starting to roll out with their Exchange 2010; that will solve the issue too.

Fine Tuning after a Processed Mail Folder Fix After adjusting your Processed Mail folder, don’t forget to also check your Sent Items folder count, as it can build up easily. Also, there can be tighter limits for the Contacts and Calendar folders that could have similar effects.

Well, unlike when you hit your space limit, you won’t get a warning dialog box and you won’t be prevented from sending mail if you go well over it.

Rather, performance of Outlook just starts to degrade—in other words Outlook gets , particularly when searching or sorting mail.

Before I explain more details on how this limit works, how to identify it, and specific strategies to fix it, let me first give you some background on why 1MTD or MYN users should be particularly aware of this.

The fix is simple: spread your mail across more folders or subfolders; or archive or delete your mail off the server. Note this is a problem only on older Exchange servers—Microsoft has mostly fixed this on the newest ones.

But also note that even though you may have a newer version of Outlook, the Exchange Server version your company runs behind your Outlook is invisible to you, and it could be quite old and so still subject to this issue.

But if you are having slow Outlook performance now, this could be why.

After upgrading your Windows version to Windows 10 or after a major Windows 10 update, you are unable to use Code Two Public Folders.

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