Updating perl cpan

DBI is a Perl module, well documented in both online sources and the "Programming the Perl DBI" book by Alligator Descartes, Alistair Carty, Tim Bunce and Linda Mui (O'Reilly, ISBN:1565926994) but still, I can see questions about using DBI with Oracle on Oracle USENET groups. Oracle has many features and data types, while using DBI with each particular feature is not always entirely trivial.The purpose of this article is to cover many of those uses from Perl practitioner's point of view.After a bit of Googling, I finally learned that this was a feature. We’ll after neglecting this blog for quite some time, I’m now back.I had to swap my laptop during the summer, and I decided to give one of the Mac Book Pros a try.Here is a quick summary of the options that I tried or looked into: More...Here is another Apple Script version of a prior vba script. It copies the last saved version of the current workbook to a .I often have multiple terminals open and screen running in each one.

The decision not to cover the installation was made because the installation is different for each operating system, while I'd like to concentrate on the common features, the features that can be used across the whole range of supported systems.Here is what you can find in this article: The sole purpose of this article is to serve as an introductory reading for those who have never used the two together.Therefore, some knowledge of both Oracle and Perl is assumed, and although I will not try to show off my obfuscation abilities, this article still assumes that the reader has read "Learning Perl" and has some experience with Oracle RDBMS.Which tools: open source presentation creation software.I wanted something that would take a simple text file and easily create an attractive and easy to use presentation.

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