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This is the first time i've seen this set up (Network Delivery Server) as i'm only familiar with scan to folder on the newer ricoh equipment. So the scan is working ok i just can't add any or delete any users in the address book.Another thing is when i printed off a user counter page the new user i created was on it. i've checked tessa and the ref manuals & it says to check if the delivery server is connected.

i added a user in the address book, put a user code & gave permissions but it doesn't show up on the scanner destination list.I have to go back soon so any advice would be fantastic..Thanks Thxs for the reply nmfaxman, I went there this morning and mentioned scanrouter and was told yes its on the server but they didn't know what it was for. Any question referenced in DREL should be marked as "Required" in the form, particularly if it is the only field in the expression; if a filename expression ends up empty, for example, the transmission of data to most destinations will fail. [ top ] Some data destinations push data from a selected Pronto Forms field to a specific field in the destination service.Salesforce Data destinations require this, for example.

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