U k adult dating services

One advertiser claimed that on their website “someone finds their match once every ten minutes”.

The advertiser, Match.com, stated that they had performed surveys of relevant members – however, the ASA found that the survey only included paid subscribers (rather than free users, who could browse without being able to send messages).

Some imagery may be permitted, as long as it is not gratuitous nor sexually explicit.Overtly sexual imagery and language should not be used in mediums likely to be seen by children.Untargeted ads that featured images such as a woman's legs with thong knickers pulled down to around her knees and a woman in a provocative pose that focused on her cleavage have been found irresponsible and likely to cause serious or widespread offence.Furthermore, a number of age groups had been excluded.The ASA concluded that the claim was based on biased information, exaggerated the chances of the likelihood of a match and was therefore misleading (Match.com, 21 July 2010).

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