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Basically, Mike has been getting drunk and confessing stuff to Billie like what he wants to do with him but Billie is nervous because he thinks he would be taking advantage but one night they hang out, sober, and one thing leads to another when Mike asks Billie to stay the night - Mr. Pritchard's drama class, this class is full of drama, ironically enough. "Dirnt"'s sassy responses and the homosexual versions of plays he chooses to do will make any student lose their mind.

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He is the only one of the three with prior knowledge of the scene, but Mike and Billie have decided they need their drummer to just slow down some. When Billie brings up the idea of being loaned to another person to Mike, the bassist knows exactly who would be perfect for the job of dominating Billie.

What started as a simple experiment between a couple exploring power exchange, has become an experiment between three very close friends.

Each of them taking a turn to act as the submissive for one night and the other two attempting to fulfill some of their bdsm-related desires.

You can feel the pain in Kurt Cobain’s voice; Armstrong sounds like he’s having a good time.) five-movement, nine-minute song suite “Jesus of Suburbia,” which Armstrong once said he penned to write “the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' of the future.” Green Day have hardly been on a hot streak.

The three albums - - that the band released in 2012 barely registered in terms of pop impact.

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