Tivo not updating

JB's nice staff recommends me to buy it but eventually purchase from Big W since it is cheaper there! The control is small and a little bit hard to use for people having big hands. Only bought this unit to watch sport in HD on an older TV, for this it works perfectly. This device works as a top box and media player, but the video recorder is only good for a headache.

I agree the remote is very small & appears pretty flismy. The first time I tried to record something it would not stop at the set time. Next time I am near the store I am going to take it back.

Seems to play most types of Mpeg4 / h.264 files, does not play h.265 files.

Found the firmware update on the Laser website, ran it and unit updated okay.

The only downside for me, is this version doesn't have an ethernet port to connect to network shared media.So I purchased an HDMI cable for $ 4 but wondered why the unit does not have an hdmi cable instead of the inferior quality cable.Simple to use basic single channel Tuner and PVR function - found all channels in Melbourne, Inc C31.At it's sub price tag in Big W, you'd have to be crazy not to be impressed by it - a decade ago this much tech would have cost over 00. It is the worst piece of equipment i have ever owned. I know they say 'buy cheap, get cheap' but i still expect it to do its job!! The recorder will o nly record when I set it to record manually, the schedule puts in the program to be recorded at the set time but then doesn't record.It loses channels, meaning you have to start initial setup from scratch, doesn't record preset programmes half the time, subtitles come on at random. The program is removed form the schedule but NO RECORDING.

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