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It’s just kind of the result of making something that was well-linked to. I’m surprised that you went in this direction, because you’re a guy who knew SEO really well.

You used to be a consultant who showed other companies how to do search engine optimization.

You got traffic for Mingle2, the dating site, through search engine optimization. Why would someone who knows so much about SEO just push it aside?

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There’s all kinds of threads that pop up about me on Reddit saying, “The Oatmeal’s a spammer. I think in comments about this Economist article on Hacker News, people were talking about the comments that were said about you and search engine optimization on Reddit.So I felt like the best use of what I was doing wasn’t SEO anymore. I created one when I was working for Mingle2 called “How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting To Kill You.” The goal of it was kind of to build links, but it didn’t really work as an SEO tool. : I think this is encouraging for a lot of us who don’t know much about search engine optimization, don’t have much interest in it, but we keep hearing that we need to learn it, that we need to master it, that our businesses will fail unless we’re good at it.Here I’ve got someone who has mastered it and has intentionally pushed it aside to focus on other things. What about some simple search engine optimization tactics, like with Mingle2, you created quizzes that people could embed the results of on their websites and right underneath it, you’d have text that linked back to your site with the right anchor text.It was that I was good at creating things that drew in a lot of links, and that could be boiled down to creating things that people like.So with Mingle2 in particular, that was what really pushed me over the edge, because basically my responsibility every day was to build quizzes, comics, little viral attractions, but the goal was to build links.

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