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Note: A higher Weather Index score represents better overall weather (higher number good).A higher Hail, Hurricane or Tornado Index means the chance of that weather event is higher (higher number bad).Hispanic or Latino origin is asked as a separate question and categorized under ethnicity.In addition to their race and/or races, all respondents are categorized by one of two ethnicities, which are "Hispanic" and "Non Hispanic." Hispanic Ethnicity: According to the Census, people of Hispanic origin, were those who indicated that their origin was Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or some other Hispanic origin.

Population by Marital Status (Population Age 15 ): The data represents the number and percentage of people in the area, according to marital status.

Index score: (100 = National Average) for an area is compared to the national average of 100.

A score of 200 indicates twice the national average, while 50 indicates half the national average.

Workforce Statistics: The Workforce breakdown is derived from data, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

White Collar Employment: perform tasks that are considered less physically laborious Blue Collar Employment: perform tasks that are manual, technical labor or are in technical maintenance "trades" Civilian Employers (Population Age 16 ): This data represents 2012 employment by type of employers for the total civilian population, over age 16.

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