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The pregnancy and termination are thought to have been the ‘consequences’ referred to by the High Court judge who threw out the £170,000-a-week footballer’s bid to seek a draconian gagging order to keep his affair secret.

Although he as not explicit by what was meant by the ‘consequences’, the internet was yesterday buzzing with reports that it referred to Miss Perroncel’s abortion.

When asked about it, Miss Perroncel’s publicity agent Max Clifford said: ‘No comment‘.

Friends said Terry’s affair began soon after Miss Perroncel, a lingerie model, split from Bridge last summer.

At first it was platonic, but became sexual in September.

It is understood she became pregnant in October and had the termination weeks later.

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She rocks Selena Quintanilla-Pérez T-shirts, hangs out with Chloe Grace Moretz on Halloween (and presumably at other times, too), and gets friends to take photos of her on a disposable camera (hip) in a '90s style slip (hipper) at a spot not dissimilar to a seedy nightclub from a David Lynch film (hippest). Basically, she looks like a lot of fun to hang out with., in which, according to IMDb, they both star.In documents disclosed by Terry’s lawyers, it was claimed that she was offered just £1 in return for signing the agreement.The judge said he was ‘troubled’ by the arrangement and in a scathing remark said: ‘Their business interest is to protect Terry’s reputation.Meanwhile Terry also faces a backlash from players and fans.Bridge, once a close friend, is said to have made it clear in football circles that he will not travel with Terry to the World Cup if, as expected, he is selected for the squad.

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