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Fellow Hoops stars Tom Rogic and Stuart Armstrong are also in the clip in the background.The cheeky celebration comes after we reported earlier today that police have said they are disappointed with Lustig after he put on an officer's hat during a goal celebration.He also thought it was possible that the Guanches, who lived on Tenerife before the Spanish Conquest, might have been responsible for building the pyramids.Academics, however, did not agree and put forward the alternative theory that the pyramids are no more than piles of volcanic rocks that farmers had made when clearing their land.The Hoops defender, 31, celebrated his side taking a 3-0 lead in the Old Firm derby by charging over to fans wearing the policeman's hat.The Parkhead side are heading to Tenerife for a well-deserved break after their 5-0 Old Firm win against Rangers today.What we do know of the Guanches is taken from the writings of the Spanish Chroniclers and archaeological discoveries that have been made.

Heyerdahl first heard about the pyramids in 1990 when he read an article by Francisco Padrón in the Tenerife newspaper "Diario de Avisos." He ended up going to the island to see the pyramids for himself, and was so impressed that he set up home in Güímar where he lived for the remainder of his life.

They were known to have lived in caves and huts and to have had few tools with no metalwork because they lived on volcanic islands where there are no metal ores.

They made pottery though and had knowledge of basic farming and foraging from the wild.

THIS is the moment Celtic ace Mikael Lustig celebrates his team's seven-in-a-row win on-board a plane heading to Tenerife.

The footballer was filmed by fellow Hoops star Patrick Roberts dancing to techno music on board the plane which had a party atmosphere.

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