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” Even with ELIZA’s rudimentary abilities, Weizenbaum was surprised to see his subjects grow attached to her; his own secretary asked to be left alone with the bot in order to have a private conversation. ” Few teenagers would ask mom or dad these questions—even though their life could quite literally depend on it. To a patient saying “I’m depressed,” she would reply “Why do you think you’re depressed?From X2AI test runs using the bot with Syrians, they noticed that technologies like Karim offer something humans cannot: For those in need of counseling but concerned with the social stigma ofseeking help, a bot can be comfortingly objective and non-judgmental.This brings us to another large group of people who are afraid of judgment: teenagers.For example, many parents dread talking to their children about sex.And when they do, “the talk” can neglect topics such as birth control, consent, or the safety of certain sexual acts.Because chatbots can efficiently gain trust and convince people to confide personal and illicit information in them, the ethical obligations of such bots are critical, but still ambiguous.Teachers and therapists are legally obligated to contact the appropriate authorities if they’re made aware of any student or client’s intent to cause harm. Should they use disclaimers about certain information?

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For example, a bot could influence your buying decisions or feed your information to companies for profit by targeting your vulnerabilities. Actions under consideration include instating a “do no harm” policy for bots, similar to the vow taken by doctors.SARA, an AI assistant currently under development at Carnegie Mellon University’s Articu Lab, is learning human rapport, such as how to pick up on social cues and use those cues to inform her responses.If you disclose something personal, she’ll gather that she can drop the formalities.Teens could get their answers faster with Bzz than searching on their own, and they saw their conversations with the bot as more confidential because no human was involved and no tell-tale evidence was left in a search history.Furthermore, bots are getting smarter and more sensitive every day.

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