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Adriana liked being a tease, and her dress and behavior only added to the appeal. At 5'5" tall and an eye-catching 32-24-34, she definitely had the tools needed for getting what she wanted from the boys!

I had met Adriana and subsequently her mother when I first came to the police force in La Presa.

I had moved from San Antonio, a much bigger city because I wanted something quieter.

I'd had my fill of "big city" crime and was looking for a quieter, smaller town where I could actually get to know the people there and build a rapport with them.

The first time I saw Adriana was when I received a report of a disturbance and came to the scene to discover it was a pool party the girl and her friends had held one summer day.

I met with and calmed the neighbor lady who placed the call, then went to talk to the kids.

Adriana's mother ordered her daughter to pick up the trash and to apologize and the whole incident was closed, but the relationship between Adriana and I had started off on the wrong foot.

I reached over to brush the girl's hair out of her face, caressing it gently as I did. I was the closest thing to a father the girl had, and I didn't take that responsibility lightly, even when I was in uniform. "Please don't take me to jail, Robert, I mean Officer Parks. I'll clean your house, I'll work in your garden, I'll..."I gently touched the girl's lips with my fingers to silence her. You are going to do whatever I say, and I am going to do anything I want to with your lovely body," I said in a husky voice. I like the way it looks in those tight, skimpy clothes of yours. Yes, I am taking a huge chance here, but I want to help you and your mom and try to straighten you out. I'm going to unlock the handcuffs you're wearing and then I'm giving you the key to my front door.

While she wasn't incapacitated, she shouldn't have been behind the wheel either.

Her friend Amy had offered to drive her home, but Adriana had refused, knowing she'd need her car for work the next day.

When she first saw the police cruiser behind her, Adriana knew she was in trouble.

She had unwisely tried to avoid getting pulled over by making a break for it, and at first, it looked as though she had succeeded.

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