Tajiki sex mobile

The videos were removed by You Tube and Facebook within a few hours. Law enforcement officers have questioned the imam of a mosque in the village of Bolshevik in Rudaki district, near the capital, Dushanbe, as part of an investigation.

Local police tell RFE/RL’s Tajik Service that the imam has acknowledged filming himself having sex with his wife on his mobile phone.

The decision must be rubber-stamped by the state Committee of Religious Affairs.

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Spokesman Hoji Nematullo Olimov says each mosque has its own board of 20 people who has to discuss the situation and, if necessary, choose a new imam.While the security situation in Tajikistan, including in Dushanbe, is generally stable, there has been a rise in criminal activities.On September 4, 2015, armed clashes between security forces and gunmen resulted in multiple deaths close to Dushanbe International Airport and in the town of Vahdat.There has never been such a great Amateur porn tube website than this one and that is why it is still the number one movie website on the net.Here you will find the finest looking people from all around the globe that really have everything that you could ever ask for and that really like getting down and dirty with some wild kinky action.

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