Sterling knight and demi dating

Between 18 the harbour was improved again (the New Harbour Works) by adding a breakwater comprised of stone Jennies, it was designed...

An antique silver cigar or cheroot case, with an interesting historical engraved inscription, presented to the Honourable Albert Thomas Oliff in 1910.

The hallmarks are clear on all 6 spoons, but the makers mark is only lightly struck, enough is visible to confirm the triangle shaped HA&S makers mark for Hollard, Aldwinckle & Slater, used between 19.

Culme (Directory of Gold & Silversmiths) describes this firm as "an important firm of manufacturing silversmiths, established 1838, they purchased Chawner & Co in 1883, Hennell in 1887, they were absorbed by Francis Higgins in 1922".

It is engraved "Presented by the Designated Officers of the Post & Telegraph Dept in Grateful Recognition of Valued Assistance which Righted an Injustice, Natal 1910". He emigrated from England to South Africa in 1877, and obviously prospered, in 1986 a book entitled "The Honourable A. The spoons are fabulous quality, just under 30 grammes each, a pleasure to hold and use.

The spoons have the traditional shovel shaped bowls with distinct shoulders, where they meet the stem, so quite different to teaspoons.

An early antique silver vesta case, with an applied cast golfer in full swing.

The vesta is rectangular, with applied strike plate on the bottom of the vesta, the hinge lid has a suspension loop for adding to a chain.

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The pattern was introduced in 1918, and was designed by Georg Jensen himself.This is a good quality case, a very pleasing weight, and is in excellent condition, it does not appear to have been used. The hallmarks are very clear, including makers mark HW&Co Ltd for Horace Woodward & Co, who worked between 18. Hood-Williams" was published in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal (previou...The case is beautifully engraved, with a repeating leaf and scroll pattern. Albert Thomas Oliff was born in 1855, he married Louise Florence Harper and died in 1924. A set of 6 antique silver egg spoons, in the Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern.Dated 1886 this is an early vesta case, most vestas date between 18.The hallmarks are clear, and include makers mark WG/JL (William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman) of Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co of Regent Street, a very prestigious firm founded in 1882, now the designated house of Crown Jewellers Garrards, following amalgamation in 1952 (both part of Sears via Mappin & Webb).

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