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Teaching pre-teens and teens about healthy relationships is vital in preventing teen dating violence.

By promoting positive relationship behaviors, teens learn about what they should expect from peers and how they are expected to behave toward peers, in both intimate and friendship relationships.

Students that had been abused by a partner were more likely than those that hadn’t to report being bullied on school grounds and missing school because they felt unsafe.

Victims are also more likely to become depressed or anxious, use drugs or alcohol, become suicidal, or be abused in future relationships.

It is divided into six sections: (1) national organizations; (2) prevention programs and interventions; (3) data, fact sheets, infographics, and toolkits; (4) policy and legislation; (5) special populations; and (6) research.Those who experience teen dating abuse are more likely than those who haven’t to become depressed or anxious, use drugs or alcohol, or become suicidal.Victims of teen dating abuse are also at an increased risk for being abused in future relationships (CDC, 2016).Dating Basics | Types of Dating Abuse | Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance — United States, 2015 | CDC (2016) Kann L, Mc Manus T, Harris WA, Shanklin SL, Flint KH, Hawkins J, Queen B, Lowry R, O’Malley Olsen E, Chyen D, Whittle L, Thornton J, Lim C, Yamakawa Y, Brener N, Zaza S Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?Teen dating abuse is physical, sexual, or emotional abuse (including stalking) that occurs between teens and pre-teens in a relationship.

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