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“It’s not inclusive unless you gather evidence of people like you,” Dovidio explained.

“In environments that seem predominately white, whether it’s a cafe, whether it’s a restaurant, you get a message of whether you belong almost instantaneously.” Along with appearance, history and experience heavily shape how customers sense and interpret cues.

As calls to boycott Starbucks spread, so too do evaluations of which establishments are truly welcoming to black patrons.

In Philadelphia, a city where 44 percent of residents are African American, according to census estimates, these conversations touch on race, class, respectability, politics, and the persistence of segregation.

But sensitivity levels could also be affected by a deep understanding of black history, or recent readings of reports on racial bias, or memories of stories passed down through family, Dovidio continued. “It doesn’t have to be a personal trauma,” he said. White isn’t sure he’ll be boycotting Starbucks There’s one that he likes to stop at on the Atlantic City Expressway.

“It becomes a cultural trauma.” Clark says that cafés can show that their diversity efforts are sincere through their hiring, training and even where they buy their ingredients. But still, he wants to see and patronize more black-owned cafés.

The move doubles the 25p discount that Pret introduced last year for those who choose not to use disposable paper cups.

The company said it hoped the improved offer would “help change habits”.

What you thought was a cosmopolitan space becomes an exclusively white space,” said Anderson, before referencing the Starbucks employee who called the police.

“[They] get a familiar tone, [they] lose the professionalism.” Some black patrons at Uncle Bobbie’s expressed surprise that the Center City incident happened.

Being followed and questioned were experiences these locals had associated with retail stores; receiving poor service and being pressed to order were conceivable scenarios in restaurants.

The backlash from the incident -- which has sparked protests and .

About 25 percent of consumers surveyed said they would consider making a purchase at Starbucks on Tuesday, compared with 28 percent on Friday.

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