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It will eliminate underground criminal elements that now operate brothels and derive the most financial benefit, besides stop exploitation of the desperate and helpless involved in the trade.

In our attitude towards these and other less fortunate individuals in society, we must be guided by the Buddhist ideal of compassion.

Rimsha too, like Sharmila, has been forced into exile in a foreign land because of death threats.

Double standards It is unfortunate that in Sri Lanka, as with most Asian countries, sex is a taboo subject.

Such reprehensible activities are now helped by social media through which anonymous cowards can stir up those segments of society who are impressionable and like buffalos, look to a leader.

The authorities should stamp down hard on such deviants.

(Of course, we would all say we were only being curious.) Belief hurdles Religious barricades must be overcome if Sri Lanka is to decriminalize the sex industry.

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We must recognise that Islam is one of the world’s great religions and it is unfortunate that a few extremist give it a bad name by interpreting sacred text to suit their own twisted agendas.

Subjecting them to the trauma of abuse and humiliation through arrest, production before a judge, fining and then releasing, is never a solution.

Police and judicial resources are better directed at major crime areas swamping Sri Lanka, such as homicides, armed robberies, illicit drugs and alcohol, gangs and associated illegal trades.

These and other areas of dangerous and violent criminality bear little comparison with someone providing sexual services, at most a benign trade.

In addition, sexual crime is bound to increase exponentially if brothels were to be eliminated.

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