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They then sailed up the Pamlico Sound to Roanoke Island, an inland island protected by outer barrier islands to set up their new home.There were large oak forests and plenty of natural cover, fresh water ponds and tillable land, much different than that on Hatteras.On the west side are brackish water sounds stretching as far as the eye can see.Some towns along the Outer Banks offer robust commercial areas full of shops, galleries and restaurants, while the villages farther off the mainland offer remote solitude.History of the first Englishmen settlers arriving in America began when Sir Walter Raleigh, along with John White and 116 colonists, landed on Hattorask (Hatteras) Island on June 22, 1587.They found the island low, unprotected, almost barren of trees — not suitable to establish a colony.

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Some scholars think Indians killed the colonists, while others think the English settlers moved farther inland to better farm land.The North Carolina Outer Banks are a 90-mile stretch of beautiful barrier islands, only one of which is our favorite Hatteras Island.On the east side of these islands are white sandy beaches and the clear blue Atlantic Ocean.The unspoiled landscape of the Outer Banks is limitless and breathtaking.Inhabited for thousands of years, this beautiful stretch of islands has a rich heritage to study.

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