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Figures present information on usage, infrastructure and revenue for the 8 systems which are urban and primarily surface-running.

A stand alone system or as part of Ca MKOx The Tram Passenger Survey (TPS) Provides a consistent, robust measurement of passenger satisfaction with tram services in Britain Informs our understanding of barriers to (greater) tram use, how to encourage greater use, and how to improve the passenger experience Allows for comparisons to be made with passenger experiences on buses and trains In 2016 covered tram services in Manchester, Birmingham, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Sheffield "Trams for Cambridge (Ca MKox) Mr Daniel Zeichner MP, Tram Group Bath Mr Dave Andrew Charles, Trams as part of the pollution solution, Dr Colin Harris UKTram TIME CHANGE TO start at 1530 and finish at 1730.

1 This concerns Nitrogen dioxide emissions, which is largely from vehicle exhausts.

However, a worrying source of equally harmful PM10 and PM2.5 pollutants has recently been identified.

Light rail commutes had the lowest average exposure per mile for all measured pollutants, and car trips experienced marginally higher per mile exposure, whereas train commutes with older diesel technologies experienced the largest exposure per mile of all of the motorized transportation commute modes.

The study also offers advice for reducing exposure to air pollution during commute trips: Tram Forward is disappointed with the recently announced Government air quality policy as it deals only with the reduction of nitrogen dioxide pollution from vehicle exhausts.

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