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In fact, I think I’ve heard them say all 10 of these words and phrases! Can you think of any more expressions, pronunciations or words that are unique to our home state? And don’t forget to Like Whoo NEW on Facebook for more Sconnie fun!

Is “bubbler” linked to certain regions in Wisconsin?

It’s also a dead give away that you live in some part of the northern Midwest.

Up Nort’ isn’t a specific location, it’s a state of being.

Most people will refer to it as the drinking or water fountain. Which is simply a reduction of the phrase “Isn’t that so”?

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For instance, someone might ask, “Can you stop at da store real quick before you come home?I am from the east side of the state where we say bubbler; however, my husband is from the west side of the state and says drinking fountain.Other words my husband is perplexed by are under-duck (he says under-dog) and tow-motor (forklift).WEP was formed in 2006 and the group aims to understand regional differences in English across our state – including its distinct vocabulary, pronunciations, idioms and ethnic influences, among other things.There really is such a thing as Sconnie speak, dontcha know. Our Wisconsin dialect has mainly been influenced by the northern and central European language family.

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