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Your sexuality your singleness (temporary or permanent) are gifts from God.

Now maybe you think that singleness is not a good gift — kind of like getting an ugly knitted sweater from a frumpy aunt at Christmas; so ugly that you wouldn't even dream of re-gifting it.

Therefore, as long as you hold the gift of singleness in your hands, the Lord wants you to steward it for the for the benefit of others. To begin, the Apostle Paul explains that an unmarried person can focus on the things of the Lord in a way a married person can't (1 Corinthians –35).

Singles have more time and energy to serve the body of Christ and further the kingdom. Singles have a unique role to play in telling the story of Jesus.

Just remember one thing, every single person at the Love Epicentre is looking for somebody, so there is no reason hesitate.

If you want to meet someone just go ahead and tell her or him about it!

Singles testify to the fact that the temporary will give way, in the end, to the eternal.

They remind the church that spiritual fruitfulness, spiritual family and spiritual union with Christ are more permanent and precious than their earthly counterparts.

Sexy Black Singles is the premiere free online dating service that connects single black men and women with like minded people.Indeed, if you haven't lost your virginity by the time you've hit your mid-20s, people start to wonder whether there's something seriously wrong with you. All of them must have wrestled with what it meant to live with unfulfilled sexual desires.So how is a single woman, who's seeking to live out Christ's call to purity and holy living, to deal with her sex drive? What about the Boundless reader who argued, "It is unnatural and arguably unhealthy for people with average [sex] drives to go without sex for a decade or more during their sexual prime"? As I see it, a woman's success as a single (regardless of how long her singleness lasts) will boil down to her making three important commitments: a commitment to good theology, a commitment to faithfully tell the story, and a commitment to embrace her femininity.Or maybe you wish the gift came with a receipt so you could exchange it for the one you really want.But whether or not you're happy about being single, it's important for you to understand that though this gift is given you. God gives gifts so that we might faithfully steward them "for the common good" (1 Corinthians 12:7).

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