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Lawmakers plan to move a series of bills in response to Larry Nassar today.

The legislation won’t look the same coming out of committee as it did going in – and some bills might not get a vote.

Thanks to efforts over several decades, the Kirtland's warbler, a rare bird native to Michigan forests, may be removed from the endangered species list.

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We now know how the legislature wants to spend a 5-million dollar windfall in the new state budget.

Bills to require a 3-foot gap when passing bicyclists are moving through the Legislature.

And some lawmakers want to tackle distracted driving next.

Now there’s a new work of art on the recently reconstructed Stadium Boulevard, and 89.1 WEMU’S Lisa Barry takes you there to meet the artist as he finished the project in a public space in Ann Arbor…

Lawmakers in Lansing want to make Michigan roads safer.

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