Sex camera america

Wisconsin said it didn't have a single substantiated report of abuse in the last five years.

But most states could not say how frequently abuse investigations involved sexual allegations, often stating that sex abuse allegations are not categorized separately from other forms of abuse.

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CNN surveyed the health departments and other agencies that oversee long-term care facilities in all 50 states.

The result: CNN exclusively found that the federal government has cited more than 1,000 nursing homes for mishandling or failing to prevent alleged cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse at their facilities during this period.

At the end of this weeks-long analysis, CNN concluded that more than 1,000 nursing homes across the country have been cited for somehow mishandling or failing to prevent alleged cases of sexual assault at their facilities in recent years.

Of the instances examined, at least a quarter were allegedly perpetrated by aides, nurses and other staff members, while a small portion involved facility visitors (including family members) or unknown assailants.

An aide admitted to urinating in the shower while a female resident was inside it, showing her his erect penis and kissing her -- then warning her not to tell anyone.

A nurse overheard two aides talking about how a resident had been given a lap dance that made him ejaculate.

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