Sergio di zio dating

He has frequently been seen standing for the rights and movements of gay.Although the star has been a frequent user of social media, he has not posted anything of having a boyfriend or dating any of his male co-stars.

Because of his acting skills and charming looks, he has managed to gain lots of female lovers from around the globe.Prior to starring on the CTV police drama, he has appeared in over 30 other movies and TV series.Similarly, he also made a brief appearance in 'The Listener' as Spike from 'The Flashpoint'.Sergio laughed and said, “That’s one of my favorite characters (Spike). If she was serious about it, that would be a reason for concern.” Well, we do know that the actor is not married yet and it seems like he has not got any to do it anytime sooner.On Flashpoint, he was the sweet, perfect guy on the team." He further said, "he was just this young, innocent, idealistic, hopeful, wounded, ‘all those things that make people fall in love with you’ character. Keeps them coming to see the plays and watch movies." "I think it’s sweet that your girl wants to marry me. In his 'Flashpoint' series he played the character named Spike, where he was a cop who is on the squad as demolitions and strategic tech expert.

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