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Both women hiked up their skirts, to give me a good view. When she told me this, I was standing naked in front of her, trying to hide my beer belly, my manhood, my shame. They pushed me on my knees, so that my big diapered, pink plastic pantied bum is touching the floor. Im wearing a very short, very frilly dress that stops just above my diapers. ˜Were re-programming useless men like you, chauvinist, beer-drinking, no-good pigs with a big mouth and a small penis. You will drink from sippy cups, well feed you babyfood. We will make your nipples extremely sensitive, by constantly pulling and pinching them. But every time I tried to cover up my crotch, Aunty gave me a smack on my bottom. Were going to turn you into a deeply perverted sissy slut, hahaha! Her enormous tits are encased by a very lacy black bra. Sissy wants to have big tits of her own, doesnt she? The string of my baby bonnet under my chin is firmly knotted. All I know is that Im somehow enrolled in Nanny Bettys Sissy Baby Slut Training Program. Were re-programming you to entertain and pleasure real ladies. You wont be wearing any baby boy clothes, no no no. After your regression, we will make you addicted to expensive, provocative lingerie. In fact, she gave me a fierce spanking before I was put in diapers and extremely sissy baby wear. Each outfit seemed to be more frilly, more sissy then the other. Shall we see if sissy Charlotte needs a fresh diaper, or do we continue suction training now? ˜Maybe you should breastfeed her first, to get a bigger urge to suck, Nanny answers. Aunty unlocks my hands and sits down on the big pink, overstuffed couch. ˜Crawl over to me, sissy, and lay your head down here. She sits up and rubs her bra and cleavage in my face. ˜Keep sucking, keep watching, Aunty says in a stern voice. Aunty and Nanny laugh, as they move their perfect bodies close to my face. Whenever I catch myself in one of the big mirrors that are hanging all over the big mansion, I feel shame because of my ridiculous outfit. The big fluffy diapers between my legs, the soft stockings, the silky dress on my body. It was the same delightful feeling I had when I was wearing the silky underwear I stole as a teenager from our gorgeous neighbour, Mrs Gros-Seins. Im looking at the silk panties of both Aunty and Nanny. I did as I was told, and looked up at her stunning face. Aunty strokes my face and bonnet, and pulls out my pacifier.

Im revolted, but feel a tingling in my diaper as well. She moves her silky crotch a little closer to my nose. The Sissyfication and Babyfication Program Nanny has thought out, makes sure that a sissy gets plenty of images of supersexy women wearing lingerie in her little mind. Videos of Agent Provocateur shows are constantly playing on big screen, catalogues of Victorias Secret and books by photographers like Helmut Newton lay on the coffee tables. ˜Now, be a nice little baby, she tells me, as she joins Nanny up to the boudoir. When they come back down, I see Nanny has changed in a corset, that pushes up her already big breasts to an almost unbelievable size. Aunty pulls me off of her breast, puts in a big pacifier and lets me play with baby toys for a while.

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