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Demps played for one of the best defensive teams of the NFL in Baltimore until 2006 when he went to the New York Giants for a one-year stint.

In 2007, Demps went to play for the Houston Texans and is currently on their team roster.

Career Stats: Games: 96 Tackles: 421 Sacks: 4.5 Interceptions: 5 Forced Fumbles: 7 Football Accolades: Demps was named an AFC Pro Bowl alternate in 2007.

Family Background: Demps was born in Charleston, South Carolina.

Whoever created this world probably didn’t design the our Asian bodies for football and if I were to question why there aren’t many Asians in the NFL, I’d get such a response. The NFL, unlike the NBA, doesn’t favor 7 feet tall athletes in such a way that the NBA does.

In fact, most corner backs and running backs are between 5’11” and 6’3″ and race or ethnicity has nothing to do with why Asians are physically limited in getting into football.

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Either for family reasons or varying degrees in cultural values, sports just aren’t allotted very much points for most Asian parents. Asian Americans are in the areas where the best football programs are and personally, I just believe it takes a few more Asian Americans in the NCAAF and NFL to encourage a whole generation to hit their high school football tryouts.

Family Background: Wong was born in Eugene, Oregon.

Wong’s father is native-Hawaiian and Chinese and his mother is European.

Physical Build: Nguyen is listed at 5’11” and 238 lbs.

Career Stats: Games: 90 Tackles: 516 Sacks: 6 Interceptions: 7 Forced Fumbles: 4 Football Accolades: At Texas A&M, Nguyen won the Big 12 Conference Defensive Player of the Year award in 1998.

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