Sample sex chat messages

Sending a sexy text to a sexy someone should come naturally.

You can say anything you feel like, and as long as you feel horny, chances are, you’ll say all the right things.

A little teasing and a little caution can lead to a lot of fun when it comes to sexting.

AM me: ok, i'm back :) you're welcome AM (her) : I'm well happy now, but I want u more than ever AM me: 26 days :) it's going to be fun26 days later, we were fucking within minutes of meeting. BTW I'm 38 and Emma was 21 at the time this was written. Primarily for men looking to seduce women in their life.Or at another time, did your mind ever go blank when your partner asked you to say something sexy in a text? [Read: Easy ways to start text flirting with a friend] Using sexy text messages to seduce your lover Firstly, if you want to seduce a sexy friend or a new lover, or want to start talking dirty for the first time through text messages, you need to read these features.[Read: 20 sexy questions to text a guy and seduce him] [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet] And once you’ve mastered the art of sending sexy texts, read on.(her) : Yeah but ent got the internet here AM me: in your apps there is an icon that looks like a microphone in front of a piece of paper "send voice note" (her) : Oh yeah AM I just tested it out and my diction is terrible! AM you should be thinking about the feeling of my fingernail scraping against your back (her) : Well I'm seeing the need for me to speak clearer me: my breath on the inside of your thigh (her) : Stop turning me on AM me: the aching pinch of my fingers on your nipple, holding holding holding, harder harder too long now, holding still until it feels like you can't think of any thing else i would stop thinking about diction (her) : Mmm ok AM What else?me: like that eh (her) : Yeah I'm getting wet AM me: i aroused myself too (her) : Nice me: if we were together, and you were not yet touching me, i would take your hand and put it on my cock.

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