Saml 2 0 response validating

The connection is to a specific environment for a specific business group.

The business group can exist in an account in the Mule Soft managed (cloud-based) Anypoint Platform, or in an Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition installation which you are responsible for managing.

Newer versions that do provide support for this must be downloaded separately.

This section shows you how to update a previous Runtime Manager Agent installation.

The Runtime Manager Agent is installed into a Mule runtime, and is used to register the Mule runtime with Runtime Manager.

The Mule runtime is then registered and controlled by Runtime Manager within a specific environment of a specific Anypoint Platform business group.

Currently, Mule 3.7.x and older, and API Gateway 2.x and older provide an older version of the Runtime Manager Agent.

This version doesn’t provide support for Sending data from Runtime Manager to External Analytics Software.

You can download the latest Mule runtime from the Customer Portal.This option requires a token (provided by the Runtime Manager console) and an instance name. parameter is required to register a Mule runtime with Runtime Manager.You must provide a valid registration token to this parameter.The term hybrid indicates that the same In the Runtime Manager console, you can see a full example of the code you need to run by clicking the Add Server button.This example command already includes the registration token with you specific organization’s ID and the current environment, so it is ready to use in case you don’t need to configure anything beyond the default settings.

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