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He is tall and wiry, his face taut over perfect bone structure. The script was written by Kevin Lewis, based on his autobiography, a bestseller that is part misery memoir, part triumph over tragedy.Beneath glowering eyebrows his eyes are a glacial blue. Abused by his mother and his peers, pushed from a grim south London estate to foster homes and care homes, and later to bare-knuckle fighting and low-level criminality, Lewis eventually wrote his life story and came good.

Needless to say Friend – who refuses to answer questions about his relationship in interviews – doesn’t spend much time Googling himself.Girls out there can take the following sentence as a suggestion: Rupert says that he is not hunting for girls and he is looking for a relation which would appear by itself.What is more, he said that he liked to go to clubs but now he prefers going to Karaoke with his friends and sing his favorite tracks from the film called Grease.But then he added that he is not looking for a new Rupert Grint girlfriend.He says that he enjoys being by himself and being single and this is what he needs now the most.

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