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Connoisseurs and students of Romanian cuisine as well can try and enjoy the traditional dishes that are on the 'endangered list of native recipes'. [email protected] North of Bucharest, I left this century behind, and an hour later, the last one fell by the wayside, too.

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Anna Kozma, who hails from Romania, said this special-occasion cake (called kurtoskalacs, or chimney cake) was just a provincial treat until after the fall of Communism, when entrepreneurs began opening city shops in Romania, Hungary and elsewhere in Europe.

Source: New York Public Library A long rope of sweet yeast dough is tightly wrapped in a spiral around a wooden form, something like a rolling pin,and dusted with sugar.

It is then baked, slowly turning, on a rotating spit above an open flame.

After all, woody bark provides wonderful protection for trees.

Strip the bark from a fir tree, wrap it around the cheese and presto: the dairy product remains moist and preserved from the elements.

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