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We discussed a wide range of topics, including the origins of his quite unique name, the challenges of being a former child star breaking into filmmaking, Burt Reynolds’s temper on the set of is so synonymous with college dorms and the illegal use of marijuana. A: Originally I don’t think it hurt me and, in general, people remember my name, which is nice. And I was like, “I’m short, but I’m not short.” I wrote to the IMDb people, and I was like, “I’m five-eight!

Highlights: Q: Is Rider Strong really your real name? I had hippie parents—that’s sort of the shorthand explanation. But now it sounds like an actor-y affectation or something. Q: The trivia section of your IMDb page states that you “enjoy backpacking, swimming, whitewater rafting, soccer, rollerblading, writing and reading poetry.” Can I borrow that for future dating profiles? ” And they changed it, and somebody else changed it back to five-three. Though, they did a great episode of with D&D, where James Franco shows up and he’s the cool guy playing D&D and he ends up being great at it. I think it’s easier to get my foot in the door, but it’s harder to be taken seriously once I’m there.

All of that self-hating geek insecurity was interesting to us. [It] gives more publicity to our film because I have so many Twitter followers, or whatever. As a child actor, what’s the fine line between being an Oscar-winning director like Ron Howard or turning to porn like Scotty Schwartz? The worst example is someone like Jonathan Brandis, somebody who was from my era and somebody that I knew. Predicting if where you are at in high school is going to somehow [determine] where you’re going to be at 30 is kind of pointless. And ABC was like, “We need twentysomethings on every show. They don’t realize—they were all in their 40s—they don’t realize that as a kid from the 80s, that is the only thing I would have known. He came to work one day and he said, “I just did an episode of They had a talking car and they brought me in.” We’re like, “You are the coolest person in the world.

Strong's sexy band Typhoon was there to make the newlyweds, but some very exact guests were missing.

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Q: Does the Dungeons & Dragons episode of help or hurt what you’re trying to do? But that doesn’t mean they’re going to give my film an award. I don’t know if child actors are necessarily more screwed up than most people. He had a motorcycle accident and we never explained what happened. Including on this kids’ show that’s only watched by teenagers.” And, remember, they had him and they had the character of Eli, who was the black young teacher. Our executive producer’s name was Michael, so it didn’t hit me until our first note session when he was like, “Michael ” I was like, “Oh my God! Not only are you the voice of KITT, you’re the voice of mock KITT on The Simpsons.

Q: Is it comparable to being the most popular kid in high school, then you graduate and all of a sudden all of that adulation is gone? Look, I think the traditional child actor is one of two things: it’s either “I want nothing to do with this ever again” or “I need this again! And they were going to have this whole twentysomething storyline. You’re God.” He didn’t even realize that it was a big deal. Shiloh was only in the pilot—he wasn’t on the whole series.

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