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During the massage (both nude), he would press his penis against my anus.

He did this a few times and I felt nervous that he might try to insert his penis, so I asked that he put on a condom. I expressed concern about what had transpired considering I don't know if there was any pre-cum present. He said that his doctor said that he is a low risk of HIV transmission and showed me articles supporting this claim.

We live in a very conservative country (to mention one example, the morning-after pill is illegal here) and parents and such take a dim view of sex before marriage.

It would take some convincing if they discover a stash of condoms somewhere View Thread I feel the same way though I am the husband .

There is no reason to be afraid to talk to your doctor about these topics.So i request experts to give your suggestion to use these medicines as prescribed by doctor in order to cure my condition. View Threadone of the primary foremost myths about regard to glycemic index, that is, the energy which it ought to give a top of insulin in our body.Bear in mind that mostly such peaks are related to disagreeable concerns, reminiscent of diabetes.He agreed to play he s sleeping for me as a foreplay (to get me in the mood) and also for to be sure, that nothing violent can happen.He let me because he wanted to know what will I do with him.

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