Radiometric dating half life definition

This property is the basis for radiometric dating of rocks and fossils.

In pharmacology, the half-life of a drug (in a biological system) is the time it takes for the drug to lose half its pharmacologic activity.

Carbon-14 ( The half-life of a process can be readily determined by experiment.

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For example, if the half-life of a 50.0 gram sample is 3 years, then in 3 years only 25 grams would remain.

These isotopes are stable, which is why they are with us today, but unstable isotopes are also present in minute amounts.

About one carbon atom in a trillion (10) contains a radioactive nucleus with 6 protons and 8 neutrons — carbon 14.

This rare, unstable isotope is produced from ordinary nitrogen 14.

In earth's upper atmosphere, on the edge of what is commonly called outer space, light atomic nuclei from unknown sources outside of our solar system traveling at speeds approaching the speed of light called rain down continuously.

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