Radiocarbon dating its scope and limitations

Long's citation of a remark by the Egyptologist, T.Save-Soderbergh, might lead readers to believe that scholars simply use radiocarbon dates only when these dates suit their preconceived theories.After all, the plants which were domesticated in Thailand were peas, beans, cucumbers and Chinese water chestnuts!

In actuality, the only point which Renfrew makes in regard to metallurgy is that it is now attested in the Balkans at an earlier date than in the Aegean area; Balkan metallurgy therefore cannot be derived from Greece as formerly maintained.

The California calibration should therefore hold for Europe.

There is no need to assume that tree growth or tree rings are similar on the two continents, only that the atmospheric level of carbon 14 is the same at a given time.

Renfrew himself points out that the new developments do not change the dates for Egypt: ". Dendroehronolegv is not a magical, arcane discipline.

Magnification of the tree rings is a very simple matter.

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