Radgrid pagesize not updating

Your code might look something like this: Even though we are using a separate employee View Model variable, we are still working with an IQueryable, so it will still do the projection in the database rather than in server memory.

If you are using Auto Mapper to map your DTO objects, note that you should use the Queryable Extensions .

After doing so I quickly found myself needing to wire up the rest of server side bells and whistles e.g. Did some relentless googling and didn’t find any good resources on how to do this with MVC3 and EF4 so hence this blog post for the those of us that are doing just that.

Rather than starting from scratch I’ll go ahead and continue where the my last blog left off.

Update: 06/18/2013 – It is recommended that you follow this post for Kendo UI Grid, Datasource filtering – Added recursion to the filters processing to support multiple search criterias on the same field while at the same time supporting searches across multiple fields.

I recently did a post Telerik’s HTML5 Kendo UI (Grid, Detail Template, Tab Strip) which illustrated how to wire up their HTML5 Grid and handle server side paging.

Data; namespace Rad Grid Test { public partial class Rad Grid Refresh Test : System. I know this isn't a direct answer, but maybe it will give you some new ideas.

I eventually used a Listview and setup the templated columns for the data inside, and enabled paging and it all worked just fine.

In the Need Data Source i update the Data Source properly but the new Data Source is not shown in my Grid. In your code on button click, you are calling Rebind() method which will again invoke Need Data Source event and populate the Rad Grid with the Same data...

I have two radgrid , for the first radgrid i am binding the data from serverside , and for the second radgrid i am binding the data through sqldatasource from clientside.

The radgrid2 for which i bind the data through clientside,pagination property works fine , and my grid gets refresh each time.

So this first thing we need to do is configure our Kendo UI Grid for to do server side sorting and filtering so that we decompose what the requests pay loads look like coming from the Grid when performing these types of actions on it.

Configuring the Kendo UI Grid: I’ve highlighted some of the major changes we made to our configuration which include setting up the Grid for server side actions: paging, sorting, filter, unsort and surfacing the filteration capabilities to the UI.

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